Top 10 success criteria for ERP implementations

To implement ERP is always a huge project and investment.

With long experience in ERP and rollout programs we have put together a top 10 list of successfactors for your ERP implementation.

  1. Strong executive sponsorship.
    Clarify vision from the top management with the new ERP and see to that all business units and management are informed and committed to the overall goal and mission with the program (sign off from each person)
  2. Approved solution design.
    See to that the solution design is understood and approved from all involved units (sign off)
  3. Minimize customizations.
    Change process rather than system (aim for no modifications, use the processes and functionality that the ERP offers, even if it means work around in some cases). Set up a strong change board with management participation (the higher management, the more success).
  4. Participation and engagement.
    Allocate senior business resources 100% in the ERP implementation and see to that they are replaced in their ordinary roles (process owners, managers, highly qualified)
  5. Scope management.
    The control of scope is crucial, don’t ever let it be scope creep under any circumstances.
  6. Project management.
    Select a highly professional project manager and solution architect that can work as a team towards same goals. This resources will be the most critical resources, and have the highest confidence and trust.
  7. Business change management.
    Set up a separate change management team including process owners in front of the ERP team working with processes, training, information, commitment and also support cut over from project team to business.
  8. Data migration strategy.
    Set up a the organization regarding master data management with information owners working with data collection and data cleansing
  9. Agile approach.
    The business will change during the ERP program. Use a methodology that will work agile and flexible to support enhancement of the changes in the business.
  10. Test management.
    Set up a thorough system testing team. Do not underestimate the need for testing. To fix a bug or a failed process in the project contra in a live situation is a huge difference.

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